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Sustainability is the key driver of our building philosophy. Sustainability is a pillar of our Corporate Social Responsibility. Sustainability is our answer to the development challenges of the communities where we are living and operating.






Gruppo Piccini S.A. is strongly committed to achieving and maintaining high levels of corporate integrity and ethics. We comply with all applicable rules and regulations.

Quality, reliability, customer satisfaction, innovation and creativity of Made in Italy are our distinguishing touch. With a long and rich experience in the construction field, we have participated in some of the most interesting and beautiful adventures around the world. This continuous research of new challenges has driven us to a constant quest for new solutions and better tools to satisfy our customers better and more effectively by staying proactive. Rigorous quality control testing, high performance standards, complementary and proactive partnership, highly skilled competences, combined with a customer driven approach to business, have kept the company at the forefront of technology. This explains our extraordinary presence in the market for over fifty years and the positive outlooks for the company’s future.

We believe that progress and innovation can be used for sustainable building. We design and build projects inspired by sustainable criteria. We are scrupulously respectful of international recommendations for a healthier environment.Gruppo Piccini S.A. is fully aware of the wealth and at the same time of the fragility of the territories in which it is working. In concrete terms, we are engaged in building environmentally friendly sites, in preserving biodiversity, in defending and enhancing cultural and natural inheritance, in reducing emissions, in promoting renewable energies.

Gruppo Piccini S.A. leading position in the construction sector has strengthened by maintaining high standards of safety in every projects we have been responsible for. Our approach combines technical field procedures, ongoing trainings, strict instruments handling as well as accident and occupational injuries prevention procedures, project’s Emergency Response Plans, during construction and during operation, noise and vibrations protections during construction and operation, waste management during construction and operation; no hazardous materials are used during construction or operation.

Gruppo Piccini S.A. is devoted to establishing a sustainable dialogue with the local communities and building partnerships for sustainable development. That is why we are concretely committed in promoting:

  • cultural exchange;
  • programs in the field of health and education;
  • social programs for the promotion of human rights;
  • the fight against poverty;
  • scholarships for students;